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Nonesuch Editing specializes in substantive and developmental authors’ editing for scholars, researchers, and postdocs. I work with academic and supporting texts in the narrative social sciences and humanities, helping to get texts ready for submission to a publisher, an acquisitions or series editor, a granting agency, or a prospective employer. As a native English speaker and a speaker of several additional languages, I also handle author editing for multilanguage writers whose text requires an extra level of attention to linguistic and writing-culture interference.

I look at how a text works as a text: how it hangs together as a unit of discourse; how its arguments chart a coherent narrative; how it leverages theory, sources, and evidence; how it functions within your discipline’s literary genre; how well-suited it is to your target readership; how persuasively and musically it reads. Because of this close-read approach, I offer author editing at a substantive and developmental level. Each of my edits includes structural editing for organization, content & conceptual rigor; stylistic editing for clarity, coherence & flow; and copy editing for accuracy, consistency, grammar & house style.

Major Styles

Chicago, Oxford/New Hart’s, APA, ASA, and MLA are the dominant academic styles in the social sciences and humanities. I edit in all five according to publisher preferences or submission requirements and easily adapt to unique house or author styles. I have experience with UN, EU, and US agency styles, handle language localization across US, Canadian, and British English, and can apply inclusive style and appropriate terminology usage for various communities.


I edit journal articles and special issues; book manuscripts (monographs and edited volumes) and chapters; book and grant proposals; job-application, fellowship, and submission letters; curricula vitae; presentations and manuals. I also handle footnotes/references, tables, illustrations, fact-checking, and permissions advice.

About Me

I have an MPhil from the Department of Anthropology at Columbia University; an MA from the Department of History at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; an MA from the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization at the University of Washington-Seattle; and a BA in French from The Evergreen State College. I hold a certificate in copy editing from the University of California-San Diego, have completed training at the University of Chicago in developmental editing, and—because disability parenting called my name—completed Florida Institute of Technology’s BACB-approved course sequence in applied behavior analysis.

I have worked in editing, writing, and research and in grants management, reporting, and review. For over a decade, I used sign language, Floortime fantasy play, and Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior to teach my nonverbal child language.

I speak French and Dutch with some fluency and have a Netherlands State Exam diploma in Dutch (NT2-II). I use American and Dutch sign language in my everyday life and work regularly with languages I have studied in the past, notably Turkish, Azeri, and Uzbek.

An enthusiast of the printed word and cross-cultural knowledge production, I live in Leiden, Netherlands with my family and a five-meter-high library. The Chicago Manual of Style has been my favorite style guide for over three and a half decades.

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