Many Many Women

many-many-womenI love coming across curated sites that bring together in one place targeted resources from across the vastness that is the webosphere. Many Many Women is just such a site, fit to purpose for discovering the work of composers who produce the kind of music I love to write or edit by. If I like a musician, I will buy their work. I don’t subscribe to commercial streaming services because I want my money to go as directly to the artist as possible. Curation sites like these help me find the artists I want to listen to and support.

Many Many Women is an online index of over a thousand female composers, improvisers, and sonic artists making various kinds of experimental and avant-garde music. It is arranged into genres, often with direct links to composer sites or SoundCloud profiles, and there is a running blogroll showcasing new additions to the index. Originally set up by an old friend, Steve Peters, in response to someone’s statement about the gender bias of her musical education, the site is currently maintained by audio archivist Megan Mitchell.

Enjoy and remember to support independent artists by buying their music directly from them, attending their concerts, and sharing their work with others.

Photo: Many Many Women, © Many Many Women, accessed 13 September, 2016,


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