Listening to Ladies

listening-to-ladies-elisabeth-blair-krystee-wylderA while back when I first discovered the curated site Many Many Women and tweeted it, Listening to Ladies did me the courtesy of a retweet, and I was happy to discover them. The website, begun in June 2015, features works by women composers, a concert series and—beginning the last week of September 2016—a weekly podcast. Composer Elisabeth Blair and singer-songwriter Krystee Wylder are the engines behind curtains.

The heart of the Listening to Ladies website is their blogroll, an almost daily posting of one piece of work by a woman composer. You’ll find it on their landing page and under the “featured” menu tab. While they do have an archive of composers featured on their site, it seems to be a non-dynamic list with no linkbacks to their original blogroll entry. That makes this curation site a bit difficult to navigate—your only recourse is to scroll back through the blogroll. Over time, that setup will become heavy-handed. A dynamic sidebar blog archive and a tag cloud for tracking genres would do wonders for site usability, as would a search widget. But I guess all that will come. My sense is that Listening to Ladies is an ongoing project and that they are in the process of updating their work. With a few more robust website archiving techniques, the site will only get better.

I think we can expect great things from them!


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